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Foshan Fengqing Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and technical services of far-infrared surface heater products. It has an independent production line and R & D department. Its core product - far-infrared electrothermal film is now known as the current ideal heating product. And specializing in the production and processing of high, medium and low temperature waterproof electric heating film, far-infrared electric heating table treasure, electric heating carpet, wall mounted electric heating pad, far-infrared carbon crystal


Sowing warmthHarvest sunny day

Through technology, floor heating solutions!

It is used in special industries such as house heating, high-speed railway and oil pipeline heat tracing, animal husbandry, facility agriculture, medical and health industries, etc

Home heating

Home heating

In houses with 65% of building energy-saving standards, the installation power of electrothermal mulching film per unit area is about...

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Commercial heating

Commercial heating

Low temperature radiation electrothermal film heating must achieve 50% of the comprehensive energy saving stipulated by the state and local governments in building energy saving...

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Real estate project heating

Real estate heating

Low temperature radiant electric heating film heating must achieve 65% of the comprehensive energy saving stipulated by the state and local governments in building energy saving...

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Animal husbandry

Animal husbandry

The high-quality intelligent heating system is very safe and reliable to use, avoiding the frostbite of milk and young animals caused by extremely cold winter...

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Facility agriculture

Facility agriculture

A set of mature facility agriculture far infrared graphene electrothermal film heating system is provided, and the facility is successfully realized...

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OEM/ODM Custom electric heating products

Custom electric heating film

Graphene, a black technology material, flew into the homes of ordinary people, leading the industry of smart warm health and customized electric heating products...

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Product advantages

Choose Fengqing technology and warm life


Let the floor heating show excellent thermal insulation effect under different climatic conditions, so as to improve the all-round comfort of the building in temperature, hearing, vision and health.


The essence of heat is to isolate the inside and outside

Traditional heating can prevent freezing and warm, but it can't be separated from the noise, and we can give you a quiet home!


The waterproof performance of floor heating is very important. Our life needs floor heating with good waterproof performance, which has good waterproof performance. Family members no longer need to worry about water inflow of electric floor heating.


The electric heating film heating system uses a leakage protection switch to effectively avoid leakage.

Thermal insulation system

Super silent system

Waterproof system

Invisible drainage system

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