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What are the advantages of electric floor heating

时间:2022-03-22 21:54:06|

1. Comfort, hygiene and health care: floor radiant heating is the most comfortable heating method. The indoor surface temperature is uniform, and the room temperature decreases gradually from bottom to top, giving people a good feeling of warm feet and cool head; It is not easy to cause dirty air convection, and the indoor air is clean; Improve blood circulation and promote metabolism.

2. Save space and beautify the room: the radiator and its branch pipes are cancelled indoors to increase the use area, which is convenient for decoration and home layout.

3. High efficiency and energy saving: radiant heating has higher thermal efficiency than convective heating, and the heat is concentrated in the height benefiting the human body; Small heat loss during transmission; Low temperature floor radiant heating can be controlled by household and room, and users can adjust and control according to the situation to effectively save energy.