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Foshan Fengqing Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and technical services of far-infrared surface heater products. It has an independent production line and R & D department. Its core product - far-infrared electrothermal film is now known as the current ideal heating product

And specializing in the production and processing of high, medium and low temperature waterproof electric heating film, far-infrared electric heating table treasure, electric heating carpet, wall mounted electric heating pad, far-infrared carbon crystal electric heating film, carbon crystal far-infrared heating ink, multi-functional heating pad, electric heating pet pad, encapsulated electric heating pad and other products. At the same time, the electric heating film can be OEM according to the different requirements of users

The company gathers a group of industrious, dedicated, excellent and capable industry elites, adheres to humanized and standardized management, effective distribution and incentive mechanism, and people-oriented corporate culture, provides a dream stage for people with the same beliefs, and realizes the common progress and development of the enterprise and employees


Enterprise slogan
Safe heating and healthy heating.
Enterprise purpose
Advocate a low-carbon lifestyle, create a green and environment-friendly electric heating business, and lead people into a healthy heating era.
enterprise objectives
take great health as the direction to create a leader in the era of electric heating
Business philosophy
the whole series of Fengqing floor heating products are safe and green. With the concept of environmental protection and health and strict selection of materials, we will create a green brand in the domestic electric heating industry, so that every consumer can use healthy and comfortable heating products, and feed back to partners and users with high-quality products, advanced technology and sincere service
Management strategy
We hope that more competent professionals and pioneers who are keen on the electric heating industry will join the Fengqing team and unite to make the best and best products in China, so as to make the people feel warm.



"Fengqing optimization" with the purpose of service was officially launched, and the rock heat series products were officially launched.


The participating units of jgj319-2013 construction specification and officially launched the product project department, integrating new product development, quantitative production and project docking, and comprehensively creating the heating demand of various scenarios. The successful bidder completed the construction of Yantai coal to electricity project and won unanimous praise.


Revision of low temperature radiant electrothermal film (JG / t286-2010) by participating units. It won the bid for the construction of Kangyang town in Handan, Hebei Province (with a construction area of 215000 square meters) and the coal to electricity project in Shandong Province (more than 8000 households).


The enterprise has passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and the three body certification of ISO18000 occupational health and safety management system certification, obtained the CQC certification of the National Quality Certification Center, and officially launched the "blue sky action" with the best products and the most advantageous price.


Independent research and development of heating paste added graphene elements to obtain better performance, so the formula made graphene electric heating membrane through the National Testing Center anti-aging test 210 thousand hours experiment, the same year in Shanghai international HVAC graphene electric heating film officially unveiled, and received widespread attention. At the same time, the group was founded: Foshan Fengqing Technology Co., Ltd.


Independently develop and improve the automatic production line, further improve the production capacity, and establish a more strict and comprehensive detection system for electrothermal film. The products have passed the far-infrared electrothermal radiation conversion efficiency and coverage safety test of the national testing center, and the test results and indicators are ahead of their peers.


Independent research, development and mass production of the unique far-infrared "frequency conversion" electric heating film in the market, which was officially unveiled in Shanghai International HVAC exhibition. The "frequency conversion" electric heating film led the industry with a new name, which was highly recognized by overseas customers and expanded the OEM production scale.


Independently researched and developed a new polymer far-infrared electric heating film and applied for the patent of self converting electric heating film, and began to establish an overseas sales market. The design of the new electric heating film successfully attracted the recognition of overseas electric heating film application companies and began to process and produce for them


Foshan Nanhai hanjixing electrothermal material Co., Ltd. was established and built an electrothermal film production line. Began to undertake the development of different types of electrothermal film generation processing and production, and registered the brand "Fengqing"


The core team conducted rigorous tests on the electrothermal film to simulate the production scheduling process


The core technicians carry out the research and development and testing of polymer conductive ink formula and products





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CQC product certification

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Patent of electric heating film floor heating system

Electric heating component and electric heating device patent

Graphene electrothermal film patent

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