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What key problems should be paid attention to in the installatio

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What key problems should be paid attention to in the installation of graphene electrothermal film

Graphene electric heating film is a new type of floor heating system, which is different from the traditional water floor heating and electric floor heating. Today, let's learn about the problems that need to be paid attention to in the installation of graphene electrothermal film

1、 Pay attention to slotting on the wall - electrician arranges wires. Embedded 86 cassette is required for the position of temperature controller. The section from the temperature controller to the ground needs to be provided with a concealed groove. The width of the concealed groove should be determined according to the specific situation. Please note that please do not bury the pipe and leave it to the floor heating staff.

2、 Pay attention to the flatness of the ground. Water pipes and wire pipes are the main "thorns" in the installation of graphene electric heating film. If they are on the ground, they should be slotted in advance or all along the edge of the wall. It is not recommended to protrude in the middle. After the completion of hydropower construction, before laying floor heating, it is necessary to clean up all the sites where floor heating is laid. If the ground is uneven, it should be leveled first to avoid affecting the aesthetics and other problems.

3、 Pay attention to the installation position of the temperature controller. The temperature controller shall be located at the place with uniform temperature as far as possible, and it is not recommended to select the place with large indoor air temperature change, such as corner, room door, window and so on. The height of the temperature controller from the ground shall be about 1.2m-1.5m. Cabinets, bonsai and other things that hinder the temperature measurement of the temperature control probe shall not be placed under the temperature controller to avoid errors.

4、 Pay attention to the arrangement of wires. How to arrange the wires is the top priority in the installation of graphene electrothermal film. All wires connected to the temperature controller are composed of live wire, zero wire and ground wire, which are connected separately from the air switch of the distribution box and directly to the temperature controller. In the process of wire connection, do not have other electrical appliances connected in parallel on the line. Try to choose copper wire with a diameter of 2.5 square meters.